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Bedfordshire Police, amongst a number of other Police Forces, operate an information broadcast system called "Ringmaster".

Ringmaster can be used to send Email, Voice, SMS and Fax messages to all or a selected number of registered members with information concerning, e.g. Crime Incidents, Newsletters, Alert Messages, etc.

Ringmaster members, who need to register for the FREE service, are tending to opt for Emails as their favoured method for receiving messages as these can be read at their convenience, copied, forwarded, edited, printed and redistributed very easily.

And this is all good. However, Emails are delivered on a per-message basis, meaning that if there are a lot of broadcasts messages for a particular session there will be as many individual emails in the recipients mailbox. <<Click this link to view an example.>>

What does the recipient do when faced with 20 or 30 seemingly identical messages? They read one or two and DELETE the rest!!!

Now, amongst the deleted messages could have been an important 'Alert' message warning about a 'Distraction Burglar' operating in the area - but the recipient never sees them - Why?

The unstructured deliver mechanism produced an unstructured list of Emails that intimidated the recipient.

Q: How can the same number of Ringmaster messages be delivered in such a way that the recipient doesn't feel intimidated?
Q: How can the message content be enhanced?
Q: How can the user-experience be enriched?

Welcome to a revolutionary new structured Webmail system: ==>> (Click the link to see example of Ringmaster messages presented by Hermes Web Mail
(Tip: Start off by click on the "Incident Category" Menu)
Hermes Web Mail

If you wish to receive Hermes (Ringmaster(tm)) Broadcast Messages from Bedfordshire Police - Luton (C-Division) please contact the Ringmaster Systems Administrator for registration details or visit
our website at: www.safer-beds.org and click the 'Apply' link to register on-line for the 'Luton' Division.
If you already receive Ringmaster messages but in the 'old' list-style then simply call or email the systems administrator and ask to be put onto Hermes.

For more information, queries, suggestion, etc., please contact:
Ulin Smith
Email: Hermes Administrator

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